Reinstallation of software that may have been lost in connection with service, and restoration to the original, is free of charge for 24 months.

The warranty covers only software errors that are caused by our tune.

Should an error occur in the software, we will correct it free of charge.

We save the vehicle’s original software, so it is always possible to restore the vehicle to its original state.

We are insured against any damage to the customer’s car in connection with the optimization.

The Lifetime Warranty applies as long as the car has the same owner, if the owner changes, the warranty ends.

Each customer is responsible for ensuring that the engine, gearbox and the vehicle as a whole are in good condition before the tune

The customer takes full responsibility for the vehicle being changed and possibly affecting its type approval. The customer is responsible for the vehicle being inspected and registered with the new software/product.

NMS Tuning does not cover:

Damage to the engine, gearbox or driveline after tune.
Possible rental car, transport to and from NMS Tuning.
Lost labor income in connection with tune.
If errors are suspected in connection with the tune, NMS Tuning should always be contacted first.